Restarting Web Server


Occasionally, it becomes necessary to restart the 4Gov web server. This may be required after updates, during application installations, or as part of troubleshooting procedures. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to use the webadmin utility via SSH to restart the web server, ensuring that it is done without disrupting active processes or logged-in users.

Note: Make sure that there are no users logged in or there are no processes running when you restart the web server.  Let all processes finish before doing a restart.


  • Administrator/SSH root rights are required to perform this operation. 

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Log in as administrator to the SSH backend
  2. Depending on whether you are running v9 or v10:
    1. For v9: cd /idc/munxmexe
    2. For v10: cd /4gov/munxmexe
  3. Type webadmin and hit Enter.  A menu for web server management with numbered options will appear. 
  4. To restart the web server, type "3" in the Select option field and hit Enter.
  5. A confirmation window will appear.  Type "y" and hit Enter to initiate restart.
  6. The web server will be restarted. 


Restarting the 4Gov web server via the webadmin utility involves ensuring no ongoing processes are disrupted, logging in as an administrator, navigating to the correct directory, and using the menu-driven interface to initiate the restart. This method is straightforward and ensures that the server is restarted safely.


  1. What should I check before restarting the 4Gov web server?
    Ensure that no users are logged in and that all processes have been properly terminated or completed.
  2. How do I access the webadmin utility?
    Access the webadmin utility by logging into the SSH backend as an administrator and navigating to the directory specific to your server version (v9 or v10). If you are missing the administrator/root rights, please contact support.
  3. What should I do if the server does not restart properly?
    If the server does not restart properly, check the server logs for errors, ensure all commands were entered correctly, and retry the process. If problems persist, consult the system logs or contact technical support.


If ever requested by a customer, any GoMembers 4gov agent can action this request.

Support needs to follow the steps in Accessing the Web Server Management Menu to access the menu.



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