CoreTrac Component and Simplified Routing Table (SRT)


Ticket routing and escalation for CoreTrac are based on customer requests and ticket components, which represent features, sections, or parts of a product. Please refer to the routing tables below for scope of support details:

L1 Scope

Component Name Description
CoreTrac::Application Issues or inquiries regarding the look and feel of the application.
 CoreTrac::Opportunity Issues related to the management of confirmed or unconfirmed sales leads or prospects.
 CoreTrac::Resources Issues related to the resources section in the application.

Issues related to roles and permissions in the application.

CoreTrac:: Support Portal  Issues related to the support portal.
CoreTrac::Synchronization  Issues related to synchronizing information to other applications.
 CoreTrac::User Management User-related procedures such as create, update, delete, changing roles, or login issues.


L2 Scope

Elevation process L1 to L2

Component Name Description
CoreTrac::Account Management User-related procedures such as create, update, delete, changing roles, or login issues.

Issues or inquiries related to the administration of assets.


Compensation details 

Issues or inquiries related to creating or updating compensation items.
 CoreTrac::Contact Management

Issues related to managing, merging, or updating contact information.

 CoreTrac::Dashboard | Action Center Issues related to the dashboard or widgets creation.
 CoreTrac::Data Issues related to data management.
 CoreTrac::DB Issues related to specific database operations.
CoreTrac::Events  Issues related to creating or modifying an event, incorrect dates, or transferring events from user to user.
 CoreTrac::Marketing  Issues related to marketing activities such as campaigns or listings.
 CoreTrac::Performance Issues related to the performance of the application.
 CoreTrac::Queues Issues selecting a specific queue or missing items from queueing.
 CoreTrac:: Report Writer  Specific issues related to the Custom Report Writer (CRW).
 CoreTrac:: Service Center  Issues related to the maintenance of the knowledge base or ticket categorization.
CoreTrac::Task   Issues related to creating, modifying, closing, or viewing a task.
 CoreTrac::Upgrade  Issues or inquiries regarding upgrading or updating the application to newer versions.


External Teams Scope

Component Name Description Process
CoreTrac::Server Migration & Split

Customers requesting assistance with their server migration  or split process

Contact the Account Manager:

  1. Send a side conversation to the Account Manager (you can check the details in ZD).
  2. Share the Customer details and request
  3. Inform the customer that the request needs to be sent to their Account Manager
  4. Share the Account Manager details (name and email)
  5. Close the ticket with the "Close ticket and Survey" macro. 
CoreTrac::Managed Upgrade

Customers requesting assistance with their full upgrade process

Due Diligence documentation

Customers requesting updated documentation for due diligence purposes


All issues concerning Reporting.

Support requests concerning Reporting issues must be escalated to the business unit. As CoreTrac is now under IgniteTech, please refer to the Escalating Tickets to Ignite Business Unit article.






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