Error: "Code Not Found" When Adding Country ID


You may receive the following error when adding a country ID for a vendor in the DS3_2SA screen:

Code Not Found



This article provides information on the root cause of this problem and a solution to it. 


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Root Cause

This issue occurs due to a mismatch between the entered code and the value in the country code list.

The local and the international country codes may not be the same as the value in the Computron country code list. For example, the local code and the international codes for Turkish Lira are TL and TRY, respectively. In contrast, the country code in the list is TUR.


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To solve this issue, the correct code for the country must be entered. You may refer to this article on Viewing Country Code List for information on how to view the country code list. You may also edit the country codes or add new country codes


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Once the correct country code from the list is entered, or the country code is changed as preferred, the vendor country ID can be entered without any problem. 


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