Error: "Error in parsing XML file" When Uploading an XML File via Genex in Voucher


You may observe the following error when trying to upload an XML file via Genex in Voucher:

<<Error in parsing XML file [XML file path and name]. See
Press ENTER to continue or PF16 to abort


This article explains why this error occurs and provides the steps to resolve it.


This error occurs when there is a non-ASCII character in the affected file, which causes the XML parser to fail. You will therefore need to remove any existing non-ASCII characters from the XML files, and substitute them with an ASCII alternative.

The following steps provide a way to identify the offending characters:

  1. Open the problematic XML file using the free notepad++ editor.
  2. On the top bar menu, select Search > Find characters in range...
  3. Select Non-ASCII Characters (128-255) and click on Find to cycle through all non-ASCII characters.
  4. Substitute non-ASCII characters with an ASCII alternative; for example, you can substitute single quotation marks with regular apostrophes '.
  5. Save the file.


After removing all non-ASCII characters, you should be able to upload the file without receiving the error.



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