Entering Meter Readings in GoMembers 4Gov Utility Billing


This article provides a step-by-step guide for manually entering meter readings in GoMembers 4Gov, essential for utility billing processes.


To manually enter Utility Billing meter readings:

  1. Navigate to Utilities > Utility Billing > Billing > Enter Meter Readings.

  2. Complete the form with all the relevant information:

    1. Enter the Beginning route numbers

    2. Enter the Ending route number

    3. Select the Billing cycle code (Blank = All)

    4. In the Bill for water use, Bill for sewer use and Save present water use fields, enter Y for yes, P for pending, and N for no.

  3. Click Submit to move to the next screen:

    1. Enter the meter reading and date.

    2. Under Service Code, enter A for Active.

    3. Enter the Water Use and Sewage Use.

    4. Click Submit.

  4. This will bring you to the initial meter reading page, with the fields cleared to accept another reading.

The 4Gov system also interfaces with third-party applications to accept meter readings from those systems or accept meter readings directly from meters and other devices.

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Manual entry of meter readings in GoMembers 4Gov involves specifying route numbers, billing cycle codes, and usage data, enhancing the utility billing process.


  1. Can meter readings be imported from third-party applications?
    Yes, GoMembers 4Gov interfaces with third-party applications to accept meter readings.

  2. What does 'P' stand for in the Bill for Water Use field?
    'P' stands for pending.

  3. Is it mandatory to fill in both beginning and ending route numbers?
    Yes, both route numbers are required for processing.

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