Financial Accounting Reports in GoMembers 4Gov


The 4Gov DiLOG module offers financial accounting reports that can be accessed from the DiLOG Accounting menu. Under Inquiry/Standard Reports, several types of reports are available.

To learn what these reports are, see the following section. 




General Ledger

Inquiry into current data in General Ledger by account.

Subsidiary Ledger

Inquiry Subsidiary Ledger and Transaction files by organization and account.

Encumbrance Ledger

Online inquiry of the Encumbrance Ledger file.

Cost Ledger

Inquiry of Cost Ledger Master and Transaction files by cost center, option, task, organization, and account.

Expense Accounts Over Budget

This report provides a list of organizations and accounts for which actual expenditure exceeds the budgeted expenditure. Click on each account to view the details.

Standard Reports

Online inquiry of transactions by period. The report could list either complete or incomplete transactions.

Note: If an inquiry is made while a Ledger update is in progress, the system will display the balances before the start of the update. The System Status Prohibits Requested Function message will be displayed if an inquiry is attempted while those programs are running.


The 4Gov DiLOG module provides various financial accounting reports, including General Ledger, Subsidiary Ledger, Encumbrance Ledger, Cost Ledger, Expense Accounts Over Budget, and Standard Reports.


  1. Where can I find financial accounting reports in 4Gov DiLOG?
    Reports are available under the DiLOG Accounting menu in Inquiry/Standard Reports.

  2. What information does the General Ledger report provide?
    It provides current data by account.

  3. What happens if an inquiry is made during a Ledger update?
    The system displays pre-update balances, and certain inquiries may be prohibited.

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