OnDemand: Creating, Editing, and Voiding an Invoice


Invoices are one of the essential components of GoMembers OnDemand, and as such, you must be familiar with the process to create, void, and edit them. This article provides detailed steps to create, edit, and void an invoice in OnDemand. These procedures are useful to support agents and end-users whenever working with an invoice, including correcting a wrongly created one or canceling an invoice. 

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Invoices are records of items purchased by constituents, and they appear in Accounting as a payable item. An invoice is generated when an item is acquired either from the online system or from the OnDemand system.

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Creating an Invoice

  1. Log in to GoMembers OnDemand

  2. From the People or Organizations tab, select the person or organization for which to create the invoice.

  3. Go to the Activities tab.

  4. Under Activity History - Items, click on Add Item. This will open the page with catalog items under the organization listed.

  5. In the Actions column, select Add to Cart for a desired item. This opens the Order Details page.

  6. Provide all the necessary information in the corresponding fields. 

  7. Once all the information is completed, click Add to Cart. This will show the details of all items in the cart and the total cost.

  8. Under Templates, select an invoice template.

  9. Click View Quote to view a quotation of the item, or select view Quote with Details to see a more detailed quotation.

  10. Select Proceed to Checkout to complete the purchase.

  11. In the checkout page, select Bill To Person.

  12. Under the Choose a Checkout option, choose one of three options:

    1. Add to Invoice Batch - This will create an invoice for the purchase and add it to the currently open invoice batch.

    2. Create invoice of [$Amt] - This will create an invoice with the selected template.

    3. Create Invoice and apply payment - This option will take payment details and create both invoice and payment records at the same time.

  13. Once the desired option is selected, click Choose to complete the process.


Voiding an Invoice

If an invoice was wrongly created, it needs to be voided to cancel out the record. Follow the steps below to void an invoice:

  1. Select the Items View under the Activities tab.

  2. Under the Void column, select Void on the desired invoice.

  3. A confirmation message is displayed on the next page. Click Yes to confirm.

  4. If the Show Voided is not selected, the invoice will not show on the items list on the Activities tab. If the Show Voided is selected, the item will show as greyed out and no further action can be performed on it.


Editing an Invoice

An invoice record can also be modified:

  1. Select the Items View under the Activities tab.

  2. Under the Actions column, select Edit on the desired invoice.

  3. Make all the desired changes and select either Save, Save and View Org, or Save and Close.

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The invoice is created, and it can be seen under Activities > Invoices. When voiding a record, the item will show as greyed out and no further action can be performed on it. When editing an invoice, the information saved is displayed after saving the changes.

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