Granting User Access to 4Gov Programs/Modules


In 4Gov, user access is granted to each program separately. This action is required after creating a new user, as new users do not have access to any programs. 

This article describes the process to grant access to 4Gov programs for users.


  1. Start from the homepage of your 4Gov application.
  2. Navigate to System > System Admin.


  3. On the System Admin page, select User Admin under Security Administration section.


  4. On the User Admin page, select the user to grant access to the programs and click System Auths.

    NOTE: if the selected user is an Admin, you will only see Print Auths option, as Admin users will have access to all module by default.
  5. On the System Authorizations page, check the checkboxes next to the programs to grant the user access to them. 


    There are two options to grant user access to sub-programs:
    • Check Recursive Select checkbox to granted access to all sub-programs for the user.


    • Click to expand each program to select sub-programs to grant access for the user.


  6. Click SUBMIT to save the changes.
  7. Ask the user to logout and log back into the system to see the new programs/modules to which they now have access.


This article outlines the necessary steps to grant program access to users in 4Gov, ensuring that each user has the appropriate permissions to perform their roles effectively.


  1. What should I do if I cannot see the System Auths option for a user?
    If you do not see the System Auths option, ensure that the user is not categorized as an Admin since Admins have different authorization settings.
  2. How do I know if the access has been successfully granted?
    After submitting the changes, a confirmation message typically appears. To verify, you can navigate to the user's profile under User Admin and review the granted permissions.
  3. Is it possible to revoke access once it has been granted?
    Yes, access can be revoked by unchecking the relevant program checkboxes in the System Authorizations page and submitting the changes.

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