Creating a User Account in 4Gov



This guide outlines the process of adding a new user within the 4gov System Administration interface, focusing on the necessary steps and fields required to effectively grant user access and administrative rights. 


  1. From the home page, navigate to System > System Admin.

  2. On the System Admin page, select User Admin under Security Administration section.


  3. On the User Security page, click Add New User. 

  4. Fill all the fields for the user:
    • The User ID field is limited to 8 characters only.
    • Check the Admin box to grant the user administrative rights.
    • User Login is the username that will be used to log in.
    • Startup Dataset refers to the page the user is redirected to after they logged in. The default value is mun, which redirects to the homepage.
    • Check Change Dataset checkbox to redirect the user to the next alternative default homepage.
    • Click the arrow icon next to Model field, to assign the user to a model.

  5. Once the form is completed, click Save.
  6. On the next page, enter a password for the new user in both New Password fields and click SUBMIT.
    : Passwords must be at least six characters long.
  7. Grant access to required programs for the newly created user. Otherwise, they will be able to log in (once the account is created), but they will not be able to access any program. 


This article provided a clear guide on adding a new user in the system administration panel, detailing each step from navigating the admin interface to assigning roles and setting passwords. 


  1. What is the maximum length for a User ID?
    The maximum length for a User ID is 8 characters.
  2. How can I assign a user to a specific model?
    To assign a user to a specific model, click the arrow icon next to the Model field during the user creation process.
  3. What should I do if the user cannot access certain programs after creation?
    Ensure that you have granted access to the necessary programs during the user creation process. If access issues persist, verify the user's permissions and assigned roles.

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