CoreTrac doesn't display correctly in the Google Chrome browser


While you are using CoreTrac ResourceOne Version 3.x, you are unable to view the ResourceOne application as properly in Google Chrome as you can in Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer View Google Chrome View
R1_IE.png R1_Google_Chrome.png



For version 3.x, the only supported web browser is Internet Explorer. Google chrome, instead, is supported on every release after version 4.x.

You can find more information about the supported Browsers for this 4.x version in the ResourceOne System Requirements (Version 4.0) KB Article.

However, there are some workarounds that can be used to load the application properly when using this version 3.x. The following section covers some of the probable workarounds:

  1. Using the IE - Tab plugin for Chrome. If you are using v3.x and still need to use Google Chrome for loading the application, we recommend the installation of this IE tab, as it will allow you to load within chrome the application just like it would load in Internet Explorer.


  2. Setting up Legacy Browser Support for Microsoft Edge in IE mode. If you are an admin, you can configure Legacy Browser Support (LBS) so that users can use Microsoft Edge in IE mode to view legacy websites that require IE compatibility. For this option, follow the steps in Set up Legacy Browser Support for Microsoft Edge in IE mode article.

  3. Loading the application using the supported web browser, Microsoft's Internet Explorer. In this version, you can use the only supported browser to ensure that the system is loading under the correct standard browser. 
    • You can find the x64 version of Internet Explorer 11 in this official link (please note that Internet Explorer will be out of support on June 2022)

  4. Upgrading your ResourceOne installation. If the aforementioned workarounds are not suitable to your case, you can always upgrade your instance of ResourceOne, by contacting the Account Management team and providing them with the following information:

    Phone No.:
    Contact Name:
    Type of request: <In this case, explain the type of request you are creating. I.E. "I need to upgrade my CoreTrac server">
    Comment(s): <In this case, add any comment you want, related to the type of request>

    If you don't know who your account manager is, create a ticket with Support and we will route the case to the proper team. If you already created a ticket with Support, just add the information described previously to the ticket. Bear in mind that, when it comes to upgrades, charges might apply.



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