Purchase Order Cancel/Close Error Message: "Amt not properly distributed"


This article describes two possible workarounds for an issue that arises when users are unable to cancel or close a Purchase Order (PO) using the PO Maintenance Program. The following error message is displayed:

Amt not properly distributed.




Possible Solution #1

  1. You can launch the affected PO in change mode using PO Maintenance.
  2. Go into change mode.
  3. Save through the PO line and PO distribution screens.


Possible Solution #2

If the steps described above do not solve the issue and a Process function not allowed due to unresolved error condition message is shown, it might indicate that the PO line item amount is out of sync with the distribution amount. This can sometimes be fixed by just entering through the screens. However, if the unit price times the quantity doesn’t match the invoice amount, it could prevent the user from doing this.



In this case, the solution is to:

  1. Increase the quantity so that the order amount exceeds the invoiced amount.
  2. Save the order. 
  3. Cancel the order using PO maintenance and close it using PO close process.



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