Slow response time with the EPM Live system


You are experiencing a general slow response time from your EPM Live instance. Your users may report that timesheets are temporarily stuck in the processing state or intermittently seeing timeout errors, such as "Data Error: Timeout expired error."




In some cases, you may find that specific lists, such as the Task Center, can become bloated, impacting your instance performance. To help address this trouble, you can run a list cleanup against your lists to force synchronization between the database table and the list.

You can reference Running a List Cleanup for guidance on executing these steps on your most extensive lists.



Once the List Cleanup has been finalized, monitor the system health for the next few days to confirm that the timeouts no longer appear and overall responsiveness has been restored.

If you continue to see issues after cleaning up your lists, please open a support case with EPM Live support.



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