Processes or Timesheets Stuck in Queued/Processing State


You have a hosted EPM Live environment and have noticed that your Timesheets or other processes are stuck in processing or queued state within the Work Queue. Processes such as resource pool rate update, reporting refresh all, Process Security, and EPK Sync are in a queued job status.





This behavior can occur when the Work Engine Timer Service (WETS) experiences interruptions with the database on your instance. If the simultaneous database connections exceed the limit established, some jobs may take longer than usual and eventually time out, resulting in the timesheets or other processes failing.

The Infrastructure Team put a change into place to limit the allocated threads to 16 and an increase in the timeout of WETS to mitigate jobs being stuck in the queue. This change can result in slower processing times. However, if you notice that the processes/timesheets never finish, a restart of WETS may be required to resolve this behavior.

Please contact EPM Support detailing your issue, including any screenshots of the affected processes, and our support team will help facilitate this with the Infrastructure Team.



This request will require the assistance of SaaSOps.
Please open a SaaS Incident on the SKYVERA project using the guidance within the Routing Table
Include all details of the failure as well as the customer instance affected.




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