Reason why Timesheets in the Queue May be Delayed


You are experiencing timesheets getting stuck in a queued status. Timesheet processing is also very slow. 
Submitting timesheets 10 minutes ago are still in queued status. You are worried because there are days where there are many timesheet submissions.



The timeout value was increased on the server side in order to mitigate this potential issue. 

If the database simultaneous connections exceed the limit established, some jobs may take longer than usual and eventually time out. Increasing the timeout value addresses this limit. 

The timer service also aggressively allocated threads in a way that it consumed the backend Database connection pool connections. This caused saving timesheets to fail, get requeued, and worsened the problem. A fix was introduced where it only allocates the allowed number of 16 threads. This limited thread count can be why timesheets are saving more slowly.



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