Resource has Incorrect Role for a Time Period



If you have recently updated the resource role for one of your employees, it is possible that in the TSData table reports, the resource role for the employee gets updated to the new role even for periods prior to the role change, skewing the reporting results.

For example, you may have converted the resource role of an employee X from contractor to internal employee on October 25, 2021. The TSData table reports should display the resource role of employee X as contractor for all periods up to October 25, 2021 and as an internal employee thereafter. However, you find that the role for employee X displays internal employee even for all periods before October 25, 2021.


This article provides information on this issue. 




Please contact support, including the following details in your ticket: 

  • The full name of the employee in question, as it is stored in your databases. 
  • The date on which the role change occurred.
  • The beginning of the time period from which the role is incorrectly listed.

Our agents will perform a DB refresh with the correct information, and the issue will be resolved. 


<supportagent>The fix to this issue is applied by the Ignite PS/BU team. Escalate the issue to them by applying the External Teams::Elevate ticket to BU (all brands) Macro. Include the following information in your request:

  1. Make a note that this issue is similar to a recurring labor rate issue, which is also solved by the PS/BU team.
  2. Make a note that this issue was previously solved in #2878891, and the BU agents can refer to this ticket for the query to use in the DB.


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The report will be updated after the next report refresh. 


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