Unable to add new resource to resource pool



When you try to add a new resource to the resource pool, you may get an error message that states
"Sorry, something went wrong
-1: The object already exists"

This occurs despite the user/resource not existing in the resource pool.




This happens because it is possible that although the user does not exist in the resource pool, the user does exist in the Site Collection. 

1. Navigate to the User Information List and Delete the User

  1. Navigate to SharePoint Site Settings by clicking on the Settings Gear icon (1) on the Icon Bar in the bottom left, followed by clicking SharePoint Site Settings (2) under the Settings heading:

  2. Under the Users and Permissions header, click on People and groups:

  3. Navigate to the page of the User that you are unable to add to the resource pool, and click on Delete User from Site Collection
  4. Attempt to add the user to the resource pool again.

2. Deleting from backend:
If you are still unable to add the user to the resource pool, the user will have to be deleted from the backend as well. Please contact support and our SaaSOps team will perform the deletion. 

<supportagent>Note: Agents will have to create a JIRA Ticket under the SKYVERA project for the SaaS team for the user (share user's email address) to be deleted from EPM Live AD and SharePoint user lists. The Ticket should be a change request. This issue was previously solved in SKYVERA-15130. For more information on escalations, please refer to Escalation Paths.

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