User's name is displayed incorrectly on SharePoint but correctly on EPM live


You may face an issue where the name displayed for one of your users on their SharePoint account is incorrect, however it is displayed correctly on EPM Live. This article outlines the solution steps to solve this issue. 



This issue is caused by SharePoint, and to resolve it, please execute the following SharePoint PowerShell command:

Set-SPUser -Identity ‘accountname’ -DisplayName ‘newdisplayname’ –Web https://domain/sites/name


  • The 'accountname' is the Account as stored in SharePoint. To find this, navigate to your SharePoint Site > User Information List > Detail View. Alternatively, SharePoint identity information can be viewed through EPM Live by navigating to Settings gear > SharePoint Site settings > People and groups to view all users that have access to the SharePoint site.
  • Find the user with the incorrectly displayed name under the "Name" field. The corresponding entry under the "Account" field is to be used for this value.
  • The 'newdisplayname' is the how the user's name should be correctly displayed on SharePoint
  • The Web value is your SharePoint site

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