Testing Latest G2 Release


You want to test the most recent version of the Gensym G2 software and want to know how to download the software and get the trial licenses.


To test the latest version of the G2 software, you can check which is the latest release and then download it from our Release Portal. To install it correctly, you will need an evaluation or trial license. This type of temporary license needs to be requested from Gensym support as described in How to Get License Key and Files. Make sure to specify you are requesting an evaluation license.

Note: If you don't have credentials for the Release Portal, are not able to find the latest version in the Release Portal, or cannot reset your Release Portal password, mention this in your license request.

Once the keys and files have been provided by Gensym support, you can install the latest version as described in How to install Gensym and components. The binaries or executables for TW, all bridges, and other additional components will be included in the software after you have installed it on your machine.



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