Adjusting header width of a custom dialog grid view.



You might be wondering if there is a way to adjust the column header width of a custom dialog grid view.

For example, you’d like to get rid of the wasted space shown in the following picture.



Follow these steps to be able to adjust the width of the column header of a custom dialog grid view.

  1. Load the dialogs-demo-title_column.kb
  2. Go to Simple Examples of Custom Dialogs.
  3. Open the GRID_VIEW.

Note: "The file dialogs-demo-title_column.kb is just a demo and will not fix anything. You'll need to do a similar procedure in your environment."

To change the width of column headers you will need to include these parameters in the control value of the grid-view.

sequence (structure (control-type: the symbol grid-view,
    control-id: the symbol my-sole-grid-view,
    height: 110,
    width: 320,
    left: 10,
    top: 20,
    response-action: the symbol respond,
    control-value: structure (title-column-width: 30,
     title-row-height: 15,

      columns: sequence (structure (width: 100,
          text-value: "Column 1",
          read-only: false),


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