Impacts of Daylight Savings Time and determining when it will occur



You might face an issue with G2 before the transition of Daylight Savings Time where it impacts the time increments and you may wonder if there's a way in G2 to determine when will DST occur.



Computers using the UNIX and Windows operating system support timezones and daylight-savings time, while some other operating systems do not. 

To illustrate these differences, consider that the U.S. switches from daylight savings time to standard time in November. For that month, on operating systems that recognize daylight savings time, G2 calculates the time function as the number of seconds in 31 days and 1 hour. For other operating systems, this time function returns the number of seconds in 31 days.

In order to be able to predict when the time change will occur, we would recommend detecting timezones with the g2-get-current-time-zone function. Please see the g2sysprocs.pdf page 475 and the g2refman.pdf page 1075. The documents can be found in the Reference Manual.



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