Technical requirements for the latest version of G2



While installing or upgrading to the latest version of Gensym G2, you might be wondering what are the technical requirements for it. Whether it can run on a virtual machine and what are the specifications for the latest G2 version on a new server. 



The real requirements depend more on your application requirements. Some customers run it on little RAM memory while some use RAM memories as much as 512 GB or more.

But the minimum requirements for installing the latest G2 version are as described below.

What are the minimum System Requirements?

a. RAM memory: 2 GB

b. CPU speed: 1 GHz

c. Hard drive capacity: 20 GB free space

d. Recommended OS: Ideally latest OS, for example, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 & 2019 but it works on other operating systems as well. Please go through the Release notes of Gensym 2021.2 for further details.

e. Other requirements: An ethernet card, Virtual LAN card also does the purpose on the VMWare.

Can G2 run on a virtual machine (VMware)?

Yes, G2 software can be installed and run on a virtual machine (VMware).



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