Telewindows Crashing After Closing Dialog With Masked-Edit


You are experiencing an issue with TW and/or TWNG versions 2020.4 and prior where Telewindows crashes after closing a dialog with a masked-edit. 


The masked-edit control within a dialog restricts the text that can be entered by a user in a text box. There is a known issue in G2 versions 2020.4 and prior, where Telewindows crashes after a dialog with a masked-edit is closed right after the masked-edit has been selected or edited. This issue is only experienced when using a dialog of type mdi-child and the dialog is closed by clicking X or pressing escape.

A permanent fix for this issue has been included in the 2021.1 release. If your Telewindows version is 2020.4 or older, and you are still experiencing this issue, a G2 upgrade is highly recommended. For questions about upgrading to our latest release, reach out directly to your Account Manager.

If an upgrade is not possible at the current moment, the following workarounds can be implemented to stop experiencing this behavior:

  • Use modeless dialogs or any other dialog type instead of mdi-child.
  • Make sure to switch focus to another control within the dialog before closing it. This can be done by selecting or editing another text-box or any other control without a masked-edit. 



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