Incorrect license expiration date in Gensym license files


It may be the case that the license expiration date in your license files for your G2, TW, or G2 bridges is incorrect and does not match the actual end of support term communicated to you when you signed on for or renewed your license.

Please note that if you are using Gensym version 2011, the latest expiration date that can be provided is 31st December 2021 due to limitations in the system and an upgrade is required. For more details on how to upgrade your system, please refer to the article Upgrading Gensym.


  1. Please raise a support ticket with a copy of your authorization form, requesting new license files with the correct expiration date.
  2. Once you are provided the new license files, update your license. For information on how to update your license without restarting or quitting G2, please refer to this article

<supportagent>The support agent will have to generate and send new license files to the customer. To do so, follow the steps outlined in this article.</supportagent>


The updated license files will have the correct expiration date. If you are a Gensym 2011 user, your license files will have the expiration date as December 31st, 2021 if your end of support term falls on or after this date. 



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