OPC Client is Not Writing Values Correctly


You are encountering issues with the OPC Client included in G2 2020 versions where the values in the OPC server are not updated and the message "Failed to get timestamp of OPC items" is displayed when trying to update them. 


There is a known issue in the G2 OPC client bridge included in the installation of the 2020 releases of the G2 software, where values cannot be written correctly using a gsi-opc-item to the OPC server. When an item is updated using the bridge, the gsi-variable-status attribute of the gsi-opc-item is 0. Additionally, the item's last-recorded-value is the updated value that is supposed to be written to the OPC server. However, when the values from the OPC server are read using another client like Matrikon Explorer, the value displayed is different. This indicates the item was not correctly updated.

A permanent fix for this specific issue has been applied in G2 version 2021.1. If your G2 version is 2020.1 to 2020.4 and you are experiencing this problem, an upgrade to the latest version of G2 available is highly recommended. For questions about upgrading to our latest release, reach out directly to your Account Manager.

If an upgrade is not possible at the current moment, contact Gensym support to get assistance on this matter.

<supportagent>​Note: If a customer is not able to upgrade to the latest version, a possible workaround is to provide the G2 OPC bridge executable included in the G2 installation for the latest version as described in Handling G2 OPC Bridge Data Reading Error. If the customer reports this issue in version 2020.4 and prior, confirm with Engineering via the Jira ticket if the executable can be provided. If the issue is still present in the latest version, report the defect.





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