Reinstall Authorized Users option missing from Miscellany Menu and greyed out in TWNG


You may wish to grant access to more users without restarting the KB by using the Reinstall Authorized Users option. It is possible that:

  • The “Reinstall Authorized Users” option is greyed out in the “Tools” dropdown menu in the Telewindows Next Generation (TWNG) client
  • The “Reinstall Authorized Users” option is missing from the Miscellany Menu of the G2 site
  • Executing the g2-reinstall-authorized-users system procedure does nothing


There are two possible reasons why the option to reinstall authorized users may be unavailable:

1. The G2 site is not secure:

Although this scenario is unlikely, please verify that your G2 site is secure. In order to do this, open the G2 Main Authorization (g2.ok) file and ensure that the "make-g2-secure?" is true. If not, change it to true: 


2. There is an error in the g2.ok file:

Windows Users:

If you are a windows user and your G2 site is secure, the issue may be caused by an error in your g2.ok file which is not being highlighted to you because you are launching G2 as a service rather than an application. To check whether this is the case:

  1. Launch G2 as an application. The default name of the executable file is g2.exe.  You can start G2 from the Start menu or from a batch file.
  2. Any issues with the ok file will be highlighted in an error message with the title "OK file error". One possible example of such an error is: 
  3. To fix this error,  please refer to the reference manual and navigate to Application Deployment -> Licensing and Authorization -> G2 Authorization and the g2.ok File -> Secure G2 OK File Syntax (Page 1905 of the book). Ensure that the syntax in your file matches the required syntax in the manual.
  4. If you are unsure of how to fix the error in the g2.ok file, please raise a support ticket.

An enhancement request has also been raised with the product team to ensure that such errors are displayed even when G2 is launched as a service in order to provide better feedback to the administrator when the service is not running properly. 

Non-Windows Users:

This scenario should not occur for non-windows users. If your platform is not windows, launching G2 as a service is not an available option. Hence, you would have already received an error message highlighting any errors in the g2.ok file and resolved those if you are an active G2 user.


If neither of the two reasons above are applicable to your case, or if the problem persists even after applying the fixes above, please raise a support ticket.


After applying the fixes outlined above, 

  1. Navigate to the Tools dropdown menu in the TWNG client. The "Reinstall Authorized Users" option should no longer be greyed out.
  2. The "Reinstall Authorized Users" option will be available under the Miscellany Menu.
  3. The g2-reinstall-authorized-users system procedure will be executable.




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