Extending OPC Bridge License


Your license for the G2 OPC Bridge is about to expire and you need a new gsi.ok file or authorization file with a different expiration date to extend the license. 

Or, you are having issues that prevent you from updating the G2 OPC Bridge to the latest version and you need your current license to be extended.


There are certain scenarios where your OPC Bridge license can be extended. If your OPC Bridge license expires during the weekend or off-hours, Gensym Support can extend your license by providing a three days emergency trial license. You can also get a two-week extension if you are currently negotiating for renewal

To request an extension of your OPC Bridge license, contact Gensym Support and indicate the desired expiration date of the new license file. Make sure to also include an explanation as to why you require the extension and the current OPC gsi.ok file. 

Note: Extensions for more than 2 weeks need to be approved by our Business Operations team. 


If the customer is requesting for an extension of more than 2 weeks, request approval from  the Ignite Business Operations team and then generate the license file as described in Generating and Sending Gensym License Files In this case, the Authorization Form is not required.




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