Planning your Migration with ScaleArc

Below are the main steps in the database migration workflow:

  1. Register a Multi DB Migration Task

  2. Perform Multi DB Migration
    1. Pre-migration validations
    2. DMS resource provisioning
    3. Prepare source and target DB
    4. DMS full load data migration
    5. Cleanup source and target DB
    6. Secondary schema migration
    7. Post-migration schema validation

  3. If cutover is required
    1. Wait until the cutover window is approved
    2. Wait until the cutover window and CDC lag threshold criteria
    3. Execute Cutover and Cutover Time Migration

  4. If cutover is not required
    1. Execute Cutover Time Migration

  5. If cutover is not required and data validation is required
    1. Post-migration data validation

  6. Cleanup DMS Resources

Most of these steps happen automatically one after the other but a user can interact with the system in the following ways:

  1. Register a new Migration Task
  2. Monitor Migration Progress
  3. Retry a failed migration
  4. Abort a migration task any time
  5. Approve Cutover Window