Internet browser causing Everest client to crash


When an Everest user starts a browser session, the Everest client and any open Windows applications close down. At the same time, when the Everest client is already running, they cannot open any internet browser.

The issue affects particular workstations and does not occur when the user logs in using a different Windows account.


This problem is user profile and browser-specific and can be resolved by resetting the affected browser to factory defaults when logged in as the same user that is experiencing the issue.

Note: Keep in mind that resetting your browser will remove all of your settings (e.g. saved passwords, history, your home page, and saved website permissions).

The following external references have been provided for detailed steps on how to reset various web browsers to factory defaults: 


Confirm that the Everest client is no longer crashing when the browser is started and that you can successfully launch your internet browser while the Everest client is already running.

If the problem persists, submit a support ticket for further investigation to isolate the problem root cause.



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