Exporting the assembly information for Assembly Inventory Items


When Everest customers try to export assembly information within each assembly inventory item using the Export Tool, they only end up with the inventory item itself without the constituent assembly parts that make up that item.

This article provides the steps to export the assembly items information using a database query.


In order to retrieve and export the assembly information, it is necessary to run a query to join from the ITEMS table to the X_ASSEMBLY table to retrieve the parent/child configuration.

Follow these steps to retrieve the required information:

  1. Connect to the company database through SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Right-click on the company database and select New Query to open the query pane.
  3. Paste the following SQL script and click execute.
    select ASSEMBLY_CODE, i.DESCRIPT ASSEMBLY_DESCRIPT, x.item_code, i2.descript, 
    x.Line_no, x.item_std_qty, x.item_std_rate, x.item_loss_qty,
    x.stock_meas, X_ASSEMBLY_ID
    from Items i inner join X_ASSEMBLY x on i.ITEMNO = x.ASSEMBLY_CODE
    inner join items i2 on x.item_code = i2.itemno
  4. In the Results section on the bottom, right-click | Select All 
  5. On the selected columns Right-Click | Copy with Headers
    Alternatively, click on 'Save Result As' to directly export the results to a CSV file
  6. Open a new Excel Spreadsheet on the workstation
  7. In the spreadsheet, right-click | paste


Assembly information for assembly inventory items should be successfully retrieved and available for export to CSV or Excel as required.

Sample output:


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