Correcting Page Layout and Alignment Issues when Printing Checks


Everest users may sometimes encounter a problem when printing checks particularly after an upgrade where check information no longer lines up correctly on the printed check or is overlayed on other printed text.

Vital information such as the check amount, date, or address may not fit properly on the printed check and may even be cut off entirely or overlayed rendering the printed check unusable.


The above issue can sometimes be resolved by tweaking the page height in the Printer settings prior to printing the checks. 

An alternative workaround in scenarios where adjusting the Printer Settings is not successful would be to modify the check layout by customizing the content location to allow the printed text to go a bit down. The attached Multiple Vendor Check.RPT file has been customized for such a scenario and can be deployed by following these steps:

  1. Download the attached Multiple Vendor Check.RPT report file and copy it over to the report repository where the Vendor checks report files are located, i.e. <Report Repository>\Reports\Purchase\ directory. The default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Icode\Everest\Reports\Reports\Purchase.
    • Note: It is important to backup the existing Multiple Vendor Check.RPT file by either renaming it or copying it to a different directory so as to retain any prior customizations that may have been done or for use in rolling back if necessary.
  2. Change the default report used for printing checks to the default 'Vendor Check' which is now associated with the customized report file as follows:
    1. Open Default menu from File | Setup | Preferences | Defaults | All or Documents

    2. Select the Vendor Checks (Report code 112) Report file for the checks under Internal Reports > POS/Bank Reports > Bank section.
Note: The provided customized report file may not work for all customer scenarios as check layout and information varies from one customer to the next and may need some adjustments or further customization. Submit a support request to be rerouted to the Professional Services team if you require further customization assistance.


Check information should be well aligned on the check when printed with no information cut off or overlayed on other check information.

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