How to link a GL account to a particular Inventoried item


This article outlines the procedure to link a GL account to a particular Inventoried item.


The concept of Posting Groups allows for a wide scope in the creation of accounts, including the possibility to link a GL account to a particular inventoried item by following these steps:

  1. Create a new 'Posting Group' by going to File > Setup > Accounting > Posting Groups
  2. Click on New > In New Window and in the General tab, select 'Inventory' in the Posting Group Type drop-down.
  3. Click on the 'Inventory Accounts' tab and assign the posting group to the inventoried item by specifying the account to be used for the posing group, in this case, use the 'Inventory Account' drop-down to select the GL account. This drop-down will list all Accounts defined in the Chart of Accounts profile with the Account Type Inventory control.

Refer to General Ledger: Posting Groups for additional reference information on using Posting Groups.


Include the item in a Sales invoice and confirm that it picked up the correct GL account.

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