How to import Assembly Inventoried Items


This article provides a workaround that can be used to import Assembly Inventoried items into Everest using the Items Template Excel file that is meant for importing 'Regular Inventoried' items.


The data import wizard (Utility > Import > Data) does not directly support importing 'Assembly - Inventoried' or any Assembly items into Everest.

Customers can however employ the following workaround which requires access to the Everest company database to successfully import 'Assembly - Inventoried' items into the inventory:

  1. Import the items as 'Regular Inventoried' (Item Type = 0). See Adding Items to Everest for more information about this step.
  2. Run the following SQL update statement to set matrix_item_type = '4' for all the imported items.
    • update items set matrix_item_type = '4' where itemno in (<list of item numbers>);
    • Note: The where clause can be amended as appropriate to provide the list of item numbers to be updated.
      For example, if it is known that all the imported Assembly Inventoried items are prefixed “S-“, the above SQL statement can be changed to:
    • update items set matrix_item_type = '4' where itemno like 'S-%'
  3. Open the Item profile after import and manually add its "Bill of material details" in the Assembly tab of the item profile


Assembly Inventoried items should be successfully imported in Everest and visible from the Items browser i.e Inventory > Items.

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