Multi-currency settings when applying receipts to an order via the SDK


This article describes how to set up multi-currency information for a customer in order to be able to submit receipts to orders through the SDK API in currencies other than USD.

In the absence of this configuration, the payment history will default to the Base currency defined under the File > Setup > Preferences > Defaults > Accounting > Multicurrency tab hence the customer sees no evidence of the currency in the payment history when submitting a non-base currency receipt to a Sales Order via the SDK.


Multi-currency information is configured during customer creation and is shown in the customer profile by following these steps:

  1. Open the customers' browser through Invoicing > Customers
  2. Double-click on a customer to open the customer profile
  3. Select the Accounting tab to view the Multicurrency information for the customer.
    In the above example, the customer has been assigned the Multicurrency code of CNY, and the Sales Order in question is using CNY as currency. The receipt option as shown on the right side is using the currency code CNY, which in this case will be saved using the base currency defined for the company and conversion based on the exchange rate entered.
    The Payment history would show both CNY and USD which is the base currency of the Everest sample company.

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