Printing a Sales Order as a Sales Invoice


Everest users may encounter a scenario requiring them to print a Sales Order as a Sales Invoice, usually for cases where the Sales Order requires a prepayment.


Printing a Sales Order as a Sales Invoice is not directly available in the Sales Order printing options but can be achieved through the use of Document Aliases.

Follow these steps to change the Document Alias for the Sales Order document for purposes of receiving prepayments:

  1. Create a Document Alias by navigating to File > Setup > Miscellaneous > Document Aliases


  2. Select New > In New Window on the Document Aliases browser and enter the Document alias information as shown.
    For this example, we have entered 'PrePayment Sales Invoice' in the Document alias field. This can be customized as appropriate to reflect the use case.

  3. Click Save and close to save the Document alias. The new Document alias should now be visible from the Document Aliases browser.

  4. Locate and open the Sales Order from the Sales Orders browser (Invoicing > Sales Orders) and click on the Document Alias button​

  5. Double-click the desired Document Alias to select and select Yes when prompted to replace the existing Document Policy

  6. Save the Sales Order document and confirm that the Document Alias is changed as 'PrePayment Sales Invoice'

  7. Proceed to Print the Sales Order

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