Using Stock Bins to control stock movement across Locations


This article outlines how Stock Bins can be utilized to limit the movement of inventory items across inventory locations.

A common use case is when customers want to ensure that Work Orders from a particular location should only commit inventory items from the respective inventory locations where the Work Order was raised.


Follow these guidelines when you need to limit the stock movement across different locations and ensure that users can only commit inventory items from their respective locations as they will not have access to stock bins in a different location.

  1. Create a stock bin for each Location that will hold inventory. Stock that is assigned to work orders raised from a location is automatically sent to the respective stock bin.


Refer to Setting Up a Company: Stock Areas for more information on Stock Areas and Bins


  1. Open the Locations browser by navigating to File > Setup > Accounting > Location/Sub-Location
  2. Double-click on a Location to open the Location profile and go to the Stock Transfer tab followed by the Assembly1 sub-tab to set the commit stock bin for item movements in this location as shown below:
    This will transfer the stock for the selected item to the given location when being added to the respective bin.
  3. Configure the stock bin access by users to 'Logged in Location' in the miscellaneous flow control settings located at File > Setup > Preferences > Flow Control > Other Flow Control > General tab as shown below:


  • Setting the stock bin access to 'All Locations' will allow the user to select any of the stock bins regardless of the location they're logged in. Limiting the access to 'Logged In Location' will force the users to log out when they need to take the stock from another location. In case you have users that you don't want to be limited by this functionality, you can add the Security Right 11116 - System: Access Stock Bins of Other Locations for these particular users.
  • The above changes will only affect new Work Orders since the existing WO will already have the bin information attached. 


Work Orders should only commit inventory items from the respective inventory locations where the Work Order was raised.

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