Sales Rep Collections report unchanged regardless of 'Sort By' parameters


The “Sales Rep Collections" report used for calculating the commissions gives exactly the same report regardless of the selected sort parameters.

Some customers may in addition want to have customer information in this report.

This article provides a solution to this requirement through customization to the standard Sales Rep Collections report.


The Sales Rep Collections report which is generated by navigating to Reports > Invoicing > Sales Rep Collections supports the following Sort By parameters:

1) Sales Rep, Date, Invoice
2) Sales Rep, Invoice, Date
3) Sales Rep, Customer, Date/Invoice


This standard report is not designed to show customer information by default but only sorts the report data by customer if the "Sales Rep, Customer, Date/Invoice" option is selected as the Sort By parameter.

That said, the report can be customized to show the customer code and has been provided as an attachment at the bottom of this article.

Update the report on the server by copying the new Collection.CZR file to <installed folder>\Icode\Everest\Reports\Reports\Invoice.

It is recommended to backup the old Collection.CZR file by either renaming it or copying the file to a separate directory.


  1. Navigate to Reports > Invoicing > Sales Rep Collections supports.
  2. Fill in the search parameters and select the "Sales Rep, Customer, Date/Invoice" Sort By option
  3. Use the Preview button and confirm the Customer Code is displayed on the report in addition to Sales Rep information.

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