Configuration File Error when enabling Everest Add-ins


The Everest Add-In Manager is failing to enable all Add-ins for a particular user giving an Add-in configuration file error stating:

"The Add-in: {Add-in name} Addin is registered on this machine but the configuration file is 
missing or corrupt. Do you want to unregister this add-in?"

Example error dialog:



This error occurs when the Everest Add-ins folder %ProgramData%\Everest\Addins\ cannot be modified by the logged-in user resulting in failure to update the configuration file to mark the Add-ins as enabled.

The solution is logging in to the affected workstation as a local administrator and allowing the logged-in user to have the write/modify permissions to the Addins folder whose default location is C:\ProgramData\Everest\Addins\.


The Everest user should be able to enable add-ins successfully from the Add-In Manager without errors.

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