Unable to close Sales Order


This article describes the procedure to close a Sales Order that cannot be closed or cancelled due to:

  • The following notification message:
"You have created drop ship purchase orders for one or more items of the sales order. 
Use the break link option in the sales order to break the link and then mark the order closed."
  • Or, you did not get the above notification message, but there is a Purchase Order linked to the Sales Order.


This notification signifies that the Sales Order has some line items that are still linked to a drop ship Purchase Order.

Remove the drop ship link and close the Sales Order by following these steps:

  1. Check each of the sales order lines that may still have a dropship, by examining the PO# column in the Sales Order document that can't be closed
  2. Break the link by selecting the Sales Order line that is still linked and clicking on Option > Generate Purchase Orders > Break Link. Repeat this step for all Sales Order line items linked to a PO#.
  3. Proceed to mark the Sales Order as closed using the steps outlined in Closing a Sales Order.
Note: Refer to the attached short video explaining the above steps.


The Sales Order should be successfully closed without errors.




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