Debit Order with several Auto-serialized Items not processing


This article provides an explanation on why Everest can sometimes be observed to hang or freeze when processing a debit order to generate an invoice having items that were inventoried as auto-serialized.

The corresponding Debit memo may take several hours to save successfully.


Significant performance degradation can occur when processing, either through an invoice or debit order, items having thousands of units that were added to the inventory as auto-serialized items.

This performance issue is due to the sheer item quantity that is being saved/updated as a result of the item being inventoried auto-serialized. This process may take time to update each of the auto-serialized item's information while moving the current stock bin/location for one particular item and other states.

The recommendation to mitigate this issue when processing auto-serialized inventory having thousands of items is to split the quantities into several documents to allow batch saving which should improve performance.


The system should not hang or freeze when invoicing multiple auto-serialized items.




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