How to check which Inventory Items are Web Enabled


This article describes an efficient way to go through all the inventory items in Everest and quickly determine which ones are Web-Enabled and which ones are not and enable or disable the 'Web Enabled' flag as required.


Follow these steps to group inventory items based on their Web Enabled status:

  1. Open the Inventory Browser by navigating to Inventory > Items
  2. Right-click on any of the columns headers
  3. Select "Field Chooser" to display the Field Chooser Browser
  4. Drag the 'Web Enabled' option to the preferred location on the header
  5. This column will show whether an inventory item is web-enabled or not through the corresponding checkbox
  6. Drag the field to the grouping section to group the inventory items by the Web Enabled value.
  7. To toggle the Web Enabled status, double click an item to open its Item profile and navigate to the E-Commerce tab from where you can select/deselect the 'Web enabled' checkbox.

Note: Refer to the attached short video explaining the above steps.




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