Unable to do Bank Reconciliation due to Incorrect Account Type


This article describes the solution when a user is not able to do a bank reconciliation for a particular bank code or bank account usually because the account was set up with the wrong Account Type in the Chart of Accounts.


All Bank Reconciliation accounts must be set up with Account Type of Bank in the Chart of Accounts as shown below:


All other Bank Codes / Bank Accounts created with a different Account Type cannot be used as reconciliation accounts and will not be listed for selection in the Bank Reconciliation Wizard dropdown.

If a reconciliation account is not listed in the Bank Reconciliation Wizard, the solution is to update the Account Type for the affected account to 'Bank' by executing the following data fix script in the database:

begin transaction
update coa set bank_ac = 'T', LAST_CHK=1, CTRL_ACNT_TYPE=1, activity_type=4 where coa_id = {coa_id}

commit transaction

Replace {coa_id} with the id of the affected account that is returned when you execute the following query using either the Account code or the Account description:

Example based on the account shown in the screenshot above:

Using the Account code:

select COA_ID from COA where ACNT_CODE = '11210';

Using the Account description:

select COA_ID from COA where DESCRIPT = 'Bank - Checking Account';

Either of the two select queries can be used as both should return the same {coa_id}.


The reconciliation account should now be available for selection in the Bank Reconciliation Wizard and the Bank Reconciliation process should complete successfully.

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