Correcting discrepancies in the Activity Report and the Trial Balance or Balance Sheet Reports


This article describes the procedure to correct accounting discrepancies when the Activity report balance is observed to be higher than what is appearing in the Trial Balance.

This situation usually occurs when a data fix is applied directly to the database while resolving invoicing issues and often also results in an unbalanced Balance Sheet where the total Assets do not equal the total Liabilities + Owner's Equity.


Follow these steps using the sa credentials on the company database to automatically recalculate transactions and resolve the discrepancies:

  1. Connect to the company database through SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Right-click on the company database and select New Query to open the query pane.
  3. Paste the following SQL script and execute.

    Important: Note there are **two single quotes** at the end of the SQL script.

Alternatively, locate the UPDATE_COAHIST_ACTIVITY_FROM_TRANSACT stored procedure on the  SQL Server Management Studio Object Explorer by navigating to Databases > EVEREST_[Company name] > Programmability > Stored Procedures and right-clicking on the stored procedure, and select Execute Stored Procedure as shown below:


A return value of 0 confirms successful execution.


The Activity report balance should match what is shown on the Trial Balance report and the Balance Sheet report should be well balanced with the total Assets being equal to the total Liabilities + Owner's Equity.

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