Updating Zip codes in Everest


This article outlines the procedure to update the Zip Code database in Everest


Follow the procedure provided below, making sure you are logged in as a user with supervisor permissions:

  1. Download the attached CTYSTATE.zip file and extract it to a local directory to obtain a single text file named CTYSTATE.txt.
  2. Log in to Everest with Supervisor credentials.
  3. Navigate to Utility > Import > Zip Codes.
  4. Browse your computer to find the extracted City State file from step 1. It is a requirement that the file must be named CTYSTATE.txt.
  5. Click on the Import button to begin the import process.
Note: The attached file is only compatible with Everest Contact support if updating the Zipcode database for a different version.


You should get the message "Import Completed Successfully" confirming the successful update of Zipcode information in Everest.




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