Activating Everest License Keys


This article provides the procedure to activate new license keys in Everest.


Follow these steps to activate new license keys in Everest. The steps can be executed on an Everest client workstation or from the server by any user with Supervisor permissions.

  1. In Everest, go to File > Setup > Company
  2. Select the "Activation" tab:
  3. Double-check the Registration and Validation codes as per the provided license in the Registration tab.
  4. Enter license keys in the Activation > Options sub-tab by copying and pasting all the license codes to their designated fields.
    If an invalid key is entered, this column displays: Key is not valid.

    Note: See Company Setup Profile - Activation for a detailed explanation of the various fields available in this dialog.


The License Details column displays the number of user licenses purchased (for each integrated option) once a valid activation key is entered.

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