Changing Items from Regular inventory to Matrix inventory


Everest does not provide UI functionality to change already inventoried items that are part of a regular inventory to be in a matrix inventory.

This article outlines a workaround that can be used to achieve this requirement through a back-end database update.


Adding matrix inventory items through the wizard only works for new items. Existing regular inventory items cannot be added this way and the only workaround to change the inventoried items to a matrix inventory is by executing an update directly on the back-end database.

This should be done after accordingly customizing the provided data fix script to suit your environment.

The solution steps to achieve this are outlined below through a customer scenario:


The customer has inventoried items with the following attributes: style number 40206, color code 14 and 64, width 4W and sizes 7-16.

The below screenshot shows an extract of the inventoried items. The full count comprising 30 records to be updated is provided in the attached Excel spreadsheet.


Attempting to create a matrix composition for these items will not succeed as it is not possible to add the respective attributes into the “matrix inventoried” items because they already exist as “inventoried” items.


In order to convert the 30 items from “inventoried” items to “matrix inventoried” items, execute the attached data fix query directly on the database.

Warning: The data fix query must be accordingly customized for your specific environment. Ensure you back up the records before the update and if unsure of how to use the script, submit a support request for assistance.


The updated items should be successfully moved from regular inventory to matrix inventory.

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