Migrating to Windows Server 2016 and Everest 8.x from v6.39.2


This article outlines the steps to upgrade from Everest 6.39.2 to version 8.x running on Windows Server 2016.


Everest v6.39.2 is not compatible to run on Windows Server 2016.

According to the 6.39.2 Release Notes, the platforms supported for this version are:

  • Server Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit
  • Client Operating System: Windows 7 64 Bit

In order to run Everest on a Windows Server 2016 machine, you need to upgrade Everest as well to the series 8 versions. Review the detailed release notes before you plan on the upgrade.

It is possible to upgrade from 6.39.2 to version 8.x but since the installers were rewritten in v7.1.0, a clean install of Everest is required on the server.

Follow the steps outlined below to carry out the upgrade and move Everest to a new Windows 2016 server:

  1. Windows Server 2016 to be set up;
  2. SQL Server to be installed and configured;
  3. Everest 8.x is installed and configured on this server
  4. Source licenses for version 8.x from the Support team (create a ticket for the same as outlined in Requesting Everest License Keys)
  5. Create empty (dummy) companies - with the exact same name and code as in the old server
  6. Take a backup of the current EVEREST database and restore it to the new server. Refer to Everest Database Backup and Restore Procedure for more information.
  7. Upgrade the database in the new server


Verify that the DB is correctly updated to the new version by logging in to Everest and navigating to Help > About. A pop-up dialog should come up confirming the updated Everest version.

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