Missing Sales Quote Window


The Sales Quote window does not appear when generating a quote unless you right-click and maximize.


The problem with the missing Sales quote window can occur when the window configuration is saved at a time when the window Sales Quote window is located in another monitor.

For this scenario, the problem can be resolved by reconfiguring the position of the windows and save the configuration with the Sales Quote window showing in the primary screen by following these steps:

  1. Opening the Sales Quote Window 
  2. In the Windows Taskbar menu, right-click the minimized Sales Quote Windows and select Maximize to bring the window to the primary screen
  3. Drag the window header bar to the preferred position
  4. Right-click on the Title of the Sales Quote window and select Save Now from the context menu

Alternatively, you can trigger restoring the menus to factory settings by right-clicking on the main window title bar and choosing Restore Factory Settings which will reset the position to the default position in the center of the Everest screen.

Note: Restoring factory settings may have unintended results as it removes all menu customizations done by the user and resets the UI to factory defaults.

If the right-click context menu is missing, and you are unable to use either of the two methods above, there may be an issue with the configuration settings of the form when some incompatible settings are brought over from the old version during an upgrade. A common symptom in this scenario would be missing context menu items when you right-click on the title bar to save the form location configuration.

This is resolved by running the SQL script attached at the bottom of this article. This script has been tested and confirmed to resolve the problem on Everest Standard 8.0.1 by correcting the default form used by all users to point to the correct default system form having the correct default form settings.

In scenarios where the issue occurred as a result of an upgrade, the problem cannot be resolved from the UI as the default fallback form ID is not pointing to the default system form thus resetting the form settings from the UI will still point to the incorrect form.

Note: The provided script has been tested on Everest Standard 8.0.1 therefore any customers having the same issue on a different release should first consult Everest support by opening a support request before attempting to use the script. Similarly, any customers unsure about how to customize the script for their environment should also submit a support ticket for further assistance.


Sales Quote window should be shown on the default maximized position in the center of the screen.

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