Deployment of Client Applications Created using Everest SDK API


This article provides information on whether the SDK application server must be installed on client workstations that are running applications developed using the Everest SDK.


Deployment of client applications developed using the Everest SDK API requires the client workstation environment to be running the SDK application server component. Once the application server component is installed on each client workstation, you do not need to register any other DLL files for the client application to successfully connect to the Everest server.

The mandatory first step before you can start using the Everest API is to install Everest Application Server on the client workstation as described in Step-by-Step Procedure to Start Using the Everest API. No other deployment scenario is supported.

Note: This external article on Client-Side Installation for COM+ Applications provides a possible workaround to avoid installing the application server on client workstations but this is currently untested and therefore not officially supported.

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