Unable to Uninstall or Upgrade Everest SDK 7.4.1


This article describes the solution when a user is unable to uninstall or upgrade Everest Advanced Edition SDK 7.4.1 due to the following installation error message:

Everest Server must be installed prior to this installation


This issue can occur when SDK registry keys get stuck during the installation and is resolved by locating and deleting any traces of the SDK 7.4.1 registry keys as follows:

  1. Launch the Windows Registry Editor utility (Regedit.msc) as an administrator.
  2. Search in the registry under the node HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products\ using Find with the search term "Everest Advanced Edition (Server)" as shown below:
  3. Remove the entry by right-clicking and selecting delete.
  4. Accept to restart the server when prompted.


The user should be able to successfully uninstall SDK 7.4.1 and install the upgrade without errors

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