Error 42005 "Unable to save given Data" when converting a Purchase Receipt to a Purchase Invoice


This article provides the solution when a user cannot convert/save a Purchase Receipt to a Purchase Invoice due to the following error:

Error Number:  42005
Error Message: 42005: UNABLE TO SAVE GIVEN DATA
Error Source: EVEREST

Ignoring the error and proceeding to create a Purchase Invoice gives the warning:

'The back-order document is currently use'


The root cause was established to be an incorrect record in the TranHist table with Func_Id = 10744 which has Active value 'D' in table FUNTABLE instead of the expected boolean value of 'T' or 'F'

This was corrected by updating the 'Active' value to 'T' for the Func_id:10744, and thereafter the user was able to successfully save the Purchase Invoice.

The fix was done by executing the below query in the Everest company database:

select ACTIVE from FUNTABLE where FUNC_ID = 10744 /*Should return 'D'*/

update FUNTABLE set ACTIVE = 'T' where FUNC_ID = 10744


Confirm that the user is now able to successfully save the Purchase Invoice without errors.

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